Unable to change NS - pointing direct to IP does not work.



I have my newly setup account, but I’m unable to change my name servers, so at this time I’ve made a new A record … www5.website.ca and pointed that directly to my servers IP ( Austin, from the welcome email. But unfortunately I keep getting the following message instead of the page displaying:

“Apache is functioning normally”

Which is the same message I get if proceeding directly to the IP.

My ID is : blueboxi



What’s the error when you try to change nameservers.

If you didnt register the domain with us, you need to contact your registrar.


I’m not getting an error.

I’m just adding an A record.

  • I have approx 15+ DNS records on my name servers it would be a pain to have them moved over as I dont have access to the direct hosting DNS without writing on here asking to add or modify records.

If you browse the IP ( or if you try to go to www5.blueboxit.ca the response from the directhosting servers are the name. " Apache is functioning normally"

The hosting server is not displaying my web page.



If you did a A record for www5, then that simply won’t work.

You need to set the A record for the domain itself and then point the www5 as a CNAME


Thanks, I set the A record for the root, the www5 cname isnt working at this time, thats not my desired function. All is now good.

One final thing, the inactivity period, is that counted by management of pages (e.g. if 1 page revision is made per month), or is it counted by visitors?



As long as there is some traffic, it will be fine.