MX Records for emails


I have a domain registered on godaddy and was using Office 265 for email hosting.

I want to transfer email hosting from Office 365 to Direct Hosting, from my little research, I found out that I need to update MX records. I’ll eventually transfer my domain to Direct Hosting but my domain is paid upto July 2020… Will transfer after that.

Can someone please help me with the MX records for Direct Hosting that I can use for my domain hosted on godaddy? Also, is there anything else I’ll need to update?

Thanks in advance


If you are not using Office 365 anymore, than you can just change your nameservers for the domain to point to ours. Unless you have other DNS records that you need.

If that’s the case, then change the MX record to point to the hostname of the server.


you just need to update your dns record its not important where you bouth your domain