ftp username and password?



I’d like to thank you first for providing this free service! But I have a question regarding to the ftp username/password. I’ve tried my email, ftp account name under control panel and ftp account [email protected] name as username, combine with the only password when I setup this account but no luck. Can anyone tell me what is my ftp user name and or password?

Thanks again!


The FTP login should be the same as your control panel password.


I can use my email to login at your website:http://directbilling.me, and continue to the directadmin site, but once I logout from the directadmin, then I can’t login back in using the same login info I used before.


That’s the billing system login and not the control panel login. If you refer back to your welcome email there should be a set of login credentials for the control panel.



Thanks for your reply, I didn’t find the control panel login info the in email login, only the billing login info there, but I found the panel login info under change password tab.

Thanks for your reply!


Let me know if you still have further issue with the FTP login


Everything works perfect now! Thanks a lot for your reply and great service!


Hi! I can log into my DirectAdmin and access the files there, but I cannot connect with the FTP. I have updated my name server and everything!


Looks like it’s fine!