DirectAdmin/FTP/email credentials


So far I’ve been able to login to DirectAdmin through the directhosting client dashboard.

I can’t seem to access FTP or the webmail through DirectAdmin using the same email and same password I use for the client dashboard. Webmail says wrong password. FTP says login authentication failed.

When I try to change the password on DirectAdmin, it says the old password is incorrect.

Please advice. Thank you.


The dashboard login credentials is different than the one for DirectAdmin.

The directadmin login should be in your welcome email.


Thank you. I’ve attached a copy of the welcome email I received. When I try to change the password on DirectAdmin using the one provided on the email, it tells me the “old pass is incorrect.” Was there supposed to be another welcome email besides this one?


That’s not the Welcome email for the hosting account.


The only other email I received was one with an invoice pdf was attached. Looked at that and saw no credentials either… Would it be possible to have that email resent to me, please?


You can log into the Client Dashboard and change the password that way.
The username for the hosting package is listed in the Client dashboard as well.