Changing MX Records


Hello Forum,

It appears when logging into the Admin panel, I do not have the ability (nor is there even the option) to change my MX records.
Is there someone with the power to manually change the MX records for from the inside?
I have the needed details but alas I do not have that option to do so.

Thank you



For those of you with the same situation, I was able to solve this by calling directly to technical support.
The option for DNS management was applied to my admin panel after explaining to the tech that it wasn’t available. He then added the ability to edit dns.
To clarify, when I say the option wasn’t available, I mean the link to get to the page to edit DNS setting does not appear on anywhere on the Admin panel.

Any now this is resolved for me.


To clarify the issue, the DNS function should show up for customer who purchase the domain through us.

Your hosting plan wasn’t put on the paid domain plan. Sorry for the confusion.


Hi Vince. I am on the free hosting plan and I have the same issue - I can’t update MX records. I also emailed you but I didn’t hear back. Let me know if this can be fixed for my user account as well. Thanks!